Terms & Conditions

    1. Commitment by the registrar that the information given when purchasing has been filled out by him/her

    2. Commitment by the registrar to attend on the date of the activity if the activity is in attendance

    3. Commitment by the registrar to inform the center if he/she will be absent from the activity two days before the course date

    4. Obligation by the registrar to pay the activity fees before attending the course

    5. Commitment by the registrar to cooperate with the center’s members and its affiliates in terms of implementing preventive measures and precautions, and so on

    6. Please come after receiving the appointment message by e-mail

    7. No person will enter the activity without the appointment message

    8. The certificate and license will be received by e-mail after completing the activity

    9. I, the registrant, acknowledge that all the above-mentioned terms and conditions have been reviewed, and accordingly they will be adhered to, and if otherwise, the stipulated penalties will be applied