Continuous Medical Education Center

                Who Are We?

                The center is interested in improving the knowledge, skills and competencies of health care providers by providing educational programs approved by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and scientific societies, which include courses, conferences, seminars, forums and workshops


                Leadership and excellence in training, rehabilitation and continuing medical education in the Western Region


                Professionalism and quality in training, qualification and accredited continuing medical education for health practitioners


                • Strengthening the capabilities of health practitioners to provide outstanding care to patients that maintains their health, which will reflect positively on the health of patients
                • Conducting ongoing scientific research to determine the educational needs of health practitioners
                • Organizing training courses to raise the practical and professional efficiency of male and female students and pass the professional classification tests from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties to obtain a license to practice the profession in cooperation with universities through skills laboratories, clinical simulation, training and medical education departments of the Ministry of Health, the private sector and health insurance in the fields of continuing medical education for workers in the health sector
                • Holding scientific conferences, workshops, seminars, training courses and exchanging experiences or participating in them in cooperation with medical education centers in hospitals, health centers, and public and private universities
                • Designing and submitting professional diplomas compatible with the labor market in the health sector